Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age.
And dreams are forever.
— Walt Disney

Commercial kids photography FAQ’s

+ What types of projects do you work on?

Hyphen Photography works on a variety of projects, from documenting experiences for nonprofits to creating images for a social media campaign for commercial brands and everything in between. If you have a project you’d like to discuss please reach out.

+ What clients do you work best with?

The clients that we can best support understand how important it is to provide kids with valuable experiences, unlimited opportunities to imagine and the tools to create. In this case size doesn’t matter, from start-ups to established brands we can help bring your vision to life!

+ Do you work with in-house creative and marketing teams?

Yes! Our founder was an integral part of an in-house marketing and communications team for over a decade and we love collaborating with in-house teams to make sure the images we create are on brand and inline with the story you want to tell. No one knows your mission better than your team!

+ Do you work with outside contractors if we are unable to provide them?

As a small business we understand that not everyone has a large staff at their beck and call. Once we decide on what the project entails we will round up a team of contractors to make sure the project is completed to meet your vision.

+ We've always created our own images or used stock. What are the benefits of paying for professional photography?

There are some instances where stock photography is your best option (we can’t think of any right now) but promoting your brand is not one of them. A brand is personal and unique and the photos you choose to represent it should be exactly that! An investment in professional photography, even when you’ve been taking photos on your own, has many perks including a new perspective and a deep understanding of light and the positioning of models.

+ What happens if we love the images so much we want to use them longer or elsewhere?

Not a problem! We can always create an addendum to our initial contract extending the licenses for an additional fee.

+ How come you don’t have a set price list?

Similarly to how every child is unique, so are the projects that we work on. Clients come to us with different project ideas that require varying timelines, individualized strategies and custom teams to complete their goals. After our introductory phone call, we’ll be able to provide clients with a custom quote to satisfy the story they need to tell.

+ Where is your studio located?

We’re mobile! Whereever you're located, we’ll come to you to make sure we are best represting your brand. We have a network of studio locations if one is needed for the shoot.

+ Do you use professional models?

The goal of the photography we create is to best represent your product, experience and/or service, and using your real-life clients, subscribers and/or patrons is the best way to do that. Not only will your ideal clients be able to relate more to your existing clients but they will already love what you're trying to sell which will shine through in the images.

+ Will you travel for work?

Absolutely. We are based in Long Island, New York, but will travel both on land and over water.

If the decision to transfer copyright is made, it may be accompanied with an agreement licensing Hyphen Photography the right to use in marketing purposes such as use in portfolio for obtaining future commercial jobs.

+ What does an on-going partnership look like and what are the benefits?

If you are looking to have an ongoing relationship with a photographer to help build campaigns throughout the year you have come to the right place. Hyphen Photography is available on a project to project basis and also for yearly contracts.

+ Do you do design or marketing?

Our founder and principle photographer does hold a degree in Graphic Design and has worked on a marketing team for over a decade but these days she’s all about photography! With her experience in design and marketing she's able to create out of the box images that will integrate seamlessly with your brand and draw attention to your advertising campaigns. If design or marketing is needed we will happily connect you with some of the best in the business.

+ Do you also photograph families?

Photographing families is the where this business grew from and we will continue to photograph family clients for the forseeable future. Visit our family portrait website!