Meet our founder and principal photographer
Alexis Buatti-Ramos

Superhero Aunt-Athlete-Cat Mom



Hello, I’m Alexis and I’m excited to tell you a bit about my story! Growing up I had a creative, imaginative and inspired childhood. Creativity was encouraged in my home, my dad was a professional photographer, and the arts were respected. Being taken to Broadway shows, taking art classes and playing on local sports teams were privileges that I didn’t truly appreciate at the time.

When I graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design, I started working for a nonprofit organization doing creative work and graphic design. Historically, the organization outsourced photography work for events, productions and audiences of the theater, but that all changed in 2009 when I asked for a shot (pun intended!) to manage their photography. I thrived under the pressure to capture emotion and personality in the heat of the moment. Since I was designing the marketing materials, I approached each shoot with intention, keeping in mind how the photos would be used as future assets.

Because I worked for a nonprofit, whose primary focus is “bringing kids to the arts and the arts to kids”, I have worked alongside people who were undoubtedly invested in giving ALL children access to the arts. I feel very passionately that every child should have their imaginations nurtured, and through my work for this organization, I was able to see the positive impact that exposure to the arts had on them - something I found truly incredible and inspiring!

For several years, I have worked as a photographer for The Gold Hope Project, an organization using professional photography to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. The organization uses the images to raise funds, to advertise the work they do and encourage support for pediatric cancer. As a photographer I work with families whose child is currently battling cancer or is in remission. These sessions are emotional but so important as they provide families with images that capture their child just being a kid and not a patient.

As I have seen throughout my life and in my children & family photography business, a child’s imagination is sparked through play, exercise, and problem solving. At Hyphen Photography, Inc. we work with companies that give kids the opportunities to let their imaginations run wild and create. I believe that children are smart and creative on their own, but have unlimited potential when they are given the right stimulation, attention, and engagement from grown-ups.

I’ve decided to dedicate my professional career to kids commercial photography for editorial, commercial and advertising projects. We support brands, individuals, and organizations that share in this belief through the creation of assets that will build awareness, increase sales and make them stand out.

Let’s collaborate and build a better future for our children!

Kids are the best interviewers so I asked them to ask me anything they wanted, and here are some of the goodies they came up with...

What vegetables did you hate when you were a kid?

I’d have to say Brussels sprouts and asparagus but I love them both now! My mom says “I don’t remember you liking any vegetables!” and that sounds more likely!

What’s your favorite dinosaur?

A Brachiosaurus!

This answer was largely decided by the scene in Jurassic Park when the Brachiosaurus is so sweet and then sneezes on the girl for a great comedic moment, but also because they were plant-based eaters like myself.

What is your superhero power?

That’s a tough one since I have so many powers but I’ll go with the ability to freeze time (via photography)!