Finding inspiration through kids!

If you asked a kid how they find inspiration they would look at you like … 🤔

Kids are naturally creative, curious and imaginative because they don’t have all the answers. The thing that most kids don’t know is that grown-ups have a lot to learn from them. Inspiration is hard to conjure up out of thin air, especially when starting a new project or brainstorming a new idea. As grown-ups we tend to put immense pressure on ourselves, we all know about the dreaded blank piece of paper or flashing cursor with nothing moving it to the right. However, kids do inspiring things everyday that grown-ups can learn from and they may just help you with your next big idea!

Play Outdoors!

Cabin fever is a real thing, and it can creep up on you at anytime, especially when you sit in your office or studio and demand your brain to have a lightbulb moment. Many recent studies are talking about how important recess is for kids, and it’s just as important for adults to get up, get outside and expend energy. When you work for hours at a time you may notice a decrease in productivity. At Hyphen we schedule 15-minute breaks every 2 hours or so to get up, go outside and play! You’d be surprised at what 15-minutes of fresh air can do to reset your body and mind. When you get back to work, you may feel more energized and inspired.

“I think playtime fosters the creativity that we need to solve crazy world problems, like global warming, or other issues we need to face as a planet.” Lucy Dathan

Have a Dance Party!

Have you ever been around a group of kids having a dance party? It doesn’t matter the level of their dance skills, they just have fun getting up and dancing around. Take time to put the work aside and listen to music - in this instance we’re not talking about meditation music we’re talking about music that you want to get up and dance to! We wouldn’t really suggest getting up in the middle of your office and busting a move, but if you work from home dancing will definitely get your endorphins flowing and you’ll feel pumped up and be able to think more creatively.


Props to you!

Who watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” with Drew Carey? For anyone who did, you know that the most anticipated game was the one with props. They would take a random, typically over-sized object and have to place it in as many scenarios as possible utilizing the prop in a new way each time. Kids do this ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately, grown-ups sometimes squander that creativity in order to teach them the proper way to do something. We can learn from kids and using objects in a new way is a great exercise for us grown-ups! We’re serious with this one! Find an object in your house or office and see how many ways you can turn it into something else. For example, a toilet paper roll could be a telescope, a microscope, a beak, a straw, a clarinet, a dog bone… etc. This will get your imagination engaged in no time!

Craft without judgement!

Yup! We said it, craft! At Hyphen we strongly believe all grown-ups should have some craft supplies at their disposal: clay, pencils, markers, paper…whether or not you have kids. Take some time to craft! You don’t even need to have something in mind when you start crafting, just start using the materials. Start rolling clay in your hands, cutting up paper, or brushing paint on paper. The mere act of making something out of nothing will spark creativity! At the Children’s Museum of the Arts they have a Clay Bar, and hands down, it’s the coolest bar we’ve ever been to. Bring some kids and check it out!


We hope that these tips for sparking inspiration help when coming up with ideas for your next project! If you have a new product, program or service for kids, let’s collaborate and create fun and engaging photography! Schedule a free 30-minute call today.