Happy Clients

Here are some of the impacts our clients have experienced as a result of our working together.


“Our company wanted to capture both the performances and audience, a 360° perspective. By working with Alexis we get images that capture the soul of what’s happening, the wonder and joy of our audiences. From a technical standpoint we get a variety of images from the compositions to lens choices and the highest caliber production photography we could ask for! Alexis brings a level of engagement and collaboration, being thoughtful about the subject and the experience of our audiences. So stellar!

Theater is generally an ephemeral experience, but by working with Alexis/Hyphen we are able to share moments of impact and exchange between our performers and audience. Alexis always gets the shot that tells a story & transports the viewer. Her photography has allowed us to curate a visual brand with consistency to grow our audience and share with a wider audience, including funders and grant makers.

Thinking about brand holistically, Alexis brings a total visual toolkit, broad scope of skills and layout and composition knowledge that we have utilized. We never have to worry if she'll show up or be on time. Invoices are super easy and downloads are straightforward. The proof is in the pudding!“

— Paul Brewster, Managing Director, Trusty Sidekick Theater Company


“Alexis took incredible photos of our campers at Camp Ga'avah this summer. She totally captured the essence and feeling of camp and of how much fun the kids were having. Anyone who has seen the pictures is immediately moved by the campers' faces and expressions. Even the pictures that didn't have kids in them were expressive and really helped to tell the story. Before working with Hyphen Photography, we had some photos but nothing that would truly tell the story of camp. Then, after having Alexis spend the day with us, her energy was contagious and the photos were truly a gift for us. The kids and staff responded well. We hope to work with her again. We now have beautiful photos from just one day of camp that tells the whole story. We are an LGBTQ day camp where kids can let down their guards and have fun. Alexis captured that and more.”

— Stephanie Abrams, MPA, Director of Development, Barry & Florence Friedberg JCC


“I had so many different directions that I wanted to take and Alexis was quick to map out the whole plan and be able to take product stills, live model action shots and headshots, and I got exactly what I was envisioning.”

— Brian Pedone, Founder of Quiet Punch


“Hyphen Photography, Inc. has been an essential part of our branding and professionalization as a company. Alexis has worked with us to define the identity of our company and published materials that highlight what is most exciting and unique about Spellbound Theatre. She understands how to appeal to a child-centered audience while maintaining a professional and contemporary aesthetic, and the photography captures our work in a way that highlights the moments of magic and delight we work so hard to create.

We spent a long time searching for a photographer who could simultaneously capture what makes our theater productions exciting and vibrant, but who also understands how to photograph children and capture moments of delight and magic between a young audience member and a performer. Most treasured are the pictures of families that Alexis captures at Spellbound performances, and the bond between a parent/caregiver and child as they bond through watching theater together.

Alexis is the only photographer we have ever worked with who has the skill to capture what is happening on stage (and the often tricky lighting and sightline conditions) as well as the audience. This makes it so easy for us to demonstrate to our funders and supporters what it is that they are supporting - not just our theater, but our audience as well. She helps us show off our unique brand and the sophistication of our performances, but also the magic and discovery that happens for our young audience. We often say "you can't really know what it is like until you see it," but Alexis makes it easy to show off our work even to people who can't see it in person.”

– Lauren Jost, Founder/Artistic Director of Spellbound Theatre